"There are always insights and improvement opportunities to be found in any company's data and processes. We are great at finding insights from mountain of data. We do this not because we need to, but because we find joy seeing our customers do better tomorrow."


Paul Jan, Founder 


Our vision is simple - uncover values and improvement opportunities through data analytics. 


We achieve our goals through data-driven, collaborative approach to analyze and understand your company operations. We are able to hone in to processes that matter the most to your operation. 



A pragmatic visionary, leader, and coach, Paul has influenced the operations and supply chain of many companies worldwide. His passion in driving efficiency and reduce cost led him to begin his own supply chain advisory at Paul Jan Advisory. 

His work at Accenture, a global consultancy, for Fortune 100 and 500 companies has resulted in 50M+ in realized savings from optimized forecasting, sourcing, planning, and contract management processes. 

Since 2002, Paul has worked in cross-functional environment to optimize and streamline clients’ operations. He has worked with finance, human resource, and sales department on initiatives such as metrics and report deployment, system deployment, and value-creation reporting from post optimization. He is also skilled in contractual negotiation with suppliers and has performed numerous contract review and negotiation for direct and indirect goods. His career spans several industries, including retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, healthcare, manufacturing, and NGO.