Cost Avoidance

Our Cost Avoidance Service Offerings consists of inventory management, spend assessment, and labor. These are major spend categories for every supply chain. When implemented properly, they deliver excellent customer service without hurting your profitability.

1. Inventory Management

inventory mgmt.png

Do you have excess inventory? How about aged inventory? Chances are your replenishment strategy is not in sync with demand, and that your demand planning is not based on SKU velocity. 

With extensive experience in reducing inventory costs for companies across multiple industries, we will apply the right replenishment and inventory strategy based on business expectation and demand behavior. 

2. Spend Assessment

spend assessment.png

Do you know the true spend for all direct and indirect materials? How about whether your suppliers are honoring the contractual terms? Are you able to describe the terms in each and every contract?

Using a proven and systematic approach we can categorize your spend so you know the true spend across the entire organization. With our expertise in contract review, we ensure you receive all of your rebates and deductions as outlined in the contractual agreement. 

Your spend optimized. 

3. Labor Market

labor market.png

Opening or consolidating facilities? Have you considered the labor impact in the market you are entering or consolidating to? 

Working with your real estate professionals, we analyze the demographics of the markets that are on the top of your list to ensure you can hire the resources you need at the most economical rates. We also perform comprehensive site selection process for customers needing more comprehensive study. 

Speak to one of our experienced advisors today for a complimentary consultation on how we can streamline your cost drivers today.