Process Improvement

Our Process Improvement Service Offerings consists of value stream mapping, timed study, and system integration. These are an integral part of every operation. We streamline these processes for you so your operations can run 24/7.  

1. Value Stream Mapping

valuestream map.png

Do you know the waste that exist in your processes today? Have you documented your processes? What values are you generating from your operations?

We approach process improvement by first documenting your processes and identify the hidden wastes and values. We ask the detailed and tough questions to ensure that all the nuances are captured. 

2. Timed Study

timed study.png

At times, process improvement cannot be accomplished without a rigorous timed study. The purpose of this is to capture the actual time spent on all activities and tasks.

We approach time study in several ways - one is through analysis of data, and second is staffing someone to actually measure the time spend on key activities. 

3. System Integration

system integration.png

System implementation often follows a rigorous process design or improvement initiative. We partner with customers to select a best-fit software and system for the business. We manage the customization, testing, and roll-out of the software to ensure customers are successful on day of go-live. 


With over 18 years of project management and system implementation experience, we apply what we learned before to ensure all implementations are on time and on budget. 

Speak to one of our experienced advisors today for a complimentary consultation on how we can streamline your operations today.