Strategy, Execution, Coaching

We help define and execute your supply chain strategies. To ensure you are in good hands after implementation, we coach your employees to be self-sufficient long after we are gone. 

Demand and Forecasting



Are you experiencing stockout or excess inventory? If the answer is yes, chances are you are not using the right method to forecast and that your Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process needs attention.

We help companies profile their SKU and come up with the optimal forecast method by product family. These methods include statistical methods as well as machine learning algorithms. 

See some of our case studies for further information. 

Coaching and Training



Supply chain is at a turning point, thanks to the advancement in technology. We have more visibility, more data, and less barrier (or so it seems) in our supply chain today. But not many organizations are setup to use the technologies and their byproducts (data, information, etc.). 

We help companies assess their employees' competencies and design tailored training curriculums to fill the skill gaps that exist in many organizations today. This include skill like how to analyze inventory data, how to interpret key metrics for inventory, procurement, and logistics functions.


We deliver one-on-one coaching and group training to fit your organization's need. You are in good hands when it comes advancing your employees' supply chain knowledge. Our founder, Paul Jan, is an adjunct professor at University of California Irvine, where he teaches supply chain strategy on a regular basis throughout the year. 

Metrics and Reports



Do you know the true profitability for your high-volume SKUs? Do you know the total cost of producing a product or operating a service? If you cannot definitely answer yes, chances are you don't have the right metrics and reports in place to capture and monitor your business.


We help companies define and implement Key Performance Indicators and reports across the entire supply chain. We bring visibility to your demand planning, procurement, logistics, and even tariff. We help you select the best tool based on your situation and budget. 


We have performed this service across numerous industries, including natural resources, healthcare, pharma, consumer goods, and retail.  

Strategic Sourcing



Do you know if your suppliers are honoring the terms and conditions in the contract? Are you paying fair price for your products or materials? Chances are you may not have thought about these questions in a while.

We help companies assess their spend throughout the entire organization. Then we help them go to market to ensure they are paying competitive prices for the products and services they need. We also analyze your contracts and make sure your suppliers honor the terms in them. 

Check-out some of our Case Studies. 

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